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New to Gilgal?
Are you looking for a church in Porthcawl? We know that finding a spiritual home is not an easy process. You visit a few churches and then have to make comparisons about the bits you like and the bits you don’t.
At Gilgal Baptist we realise just how hard making a choice is. We also know that you may have some questions about Gilgal. 

On this page we have tried to answer some of the questions that we most frequently get asked, but please do get in touch to talk one our team if there are others you want answered. They will also be happy to support you in any other way. 

Why not ask to see our visitors book – one recurrent comment is that ‘Gilgal is a welcoming church’ and we hope to always remain so.


Common Questions

We are located in Porthcawl, on Park Avenue, close to the town centre.

You can find directions and a map 'here'.


It absolutely is. We have an active youth and family ministry, hosting a variety of regular events for mums, dads and kids. Check out our pages on this website to get a better idea of what activities we offer for all members of the family. 

None! Come as you are. You will find some people dressed up and others in shorts and t-shirts. It is up-to you and what you feel comfortable in.

We think Church is for everyone but you have to find this out for yourself. It sounds like you are curious and so what have you got to lose. Why not come along and say hi. We would love to meet you and if we can help answer questions for you in the process we will.
God is everywhere and in everything, including you. Maybe you just don't know it yet! People find God in different places and at different times, but if you are looking then you will find him. We run a number of courses for those wanting answers. At the introductory stage there is Puzzling Questions - a very informal, short course about the Christian Faith. If you want to know more then we suggest the Alpha Course - a 13 week course that will equip you to decide for yourself. See 'Our Courses' for more details.
It depends on which service you attend, but in general, you will be met at the door by someone to welcome you. Feel free to sit wherever you like. The Sunday morning services is attended by people aged from 1-100. It is usually a lively affair, starting with church announcements followed by singing. There is usually a short family lesson, then the kids will go out to Sunday Club leaving the adults to hear a sermon from our Pastor Martin. This is intersperced with more singing and prayer time. Afterwards, there is tea/coffee in the hall for everyone.
The Bible is God's Word. Everything we do is centred around this fact.