house groups

House Groups

Bible study and Christian fellowship are key elements of a believer’s life and at Gilgal we consider home groups are a central element to discipleship in the Christian faith.

Home groups not only provide an opportunity to learn, understand and grow in your knowledge of the Bible and Jesus Christ, but also offer a chance to bond with other Christians, who can advise, share and care for each other. 

The friendships formed in home group are often the closest friendships you will have outside of your own family.

Despite the serious nature of Bible study within home groups, the diversity of conversation generated by discussing the scripture can be fascinating, eye-opening and often amusing. As one of our members is fond of saying “Home group is the best entertainment you’ll find without having to buy a ticket“.

You are encouraged to look into joining a house group. If interested, please speak to our Pastor Martin or one of our Deacons.