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Youth Ministry


Our youth team comprises a dedicated, passionate group of people who work closely together to ensure that Jesus is made accessible and relevant to the current and next generations.

Currently we are recruiting for a new Youth Worker, who we hope will be in place by September.

Cathryn, our deacon responsible for Children, Youth and Families, is caretaking the role with assistance from our Children's Worker, Natalie and other youth volunteers. Cathryn's team host a number of events that are aimed squarely at familes and youth. These events vary but have previously included camping weekends, surfing lessons, family days, BBQ's and trips away to Christian festivals like Soul Survivor and Spring Harvest

All staff and volunteers working with our youth have been Advanced DBS checked and are governed by our Safeguarding policies

Cathryn Hodges
Cathryn HodgesYouth Team
As well as being responsible for Children, Youth and Families, Cathryn, who is an ex-teacher, is also overseeing our Worship Ministry. She is passionate about youth work.
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