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Gilgal Ladies

~ Ladies social group for all ages ~

gilgal ladies

A message from Carolyn & Rachel

gilgal ladies
As we look to take Gilgal Ladies (formerly Ladies Circle) forward, as ever, our aim first and foremost is to serve God in all we do and to serve the ladies who attend the bi-monthly meetings however we can.

We have a vision of reaching to women across the age groups, to be there to support and encourage. We aim to carry on the current themes of the meetings, which includes some with spiritual content and others with a subject of interest.

We also run a closed group Facebook page for all the women at Gilgal and any who are connected with Gilgal. Again with the aim of supporting and encouraging.

We have taken a big step of faith by taking this on as neither of us are ‘up the front’ people, but we both want to serve God and we know that if He is calling us to this area, then He will equip us for the job. We are thankful to have Linda Harber working along side us, who has worked so hard and faithfully over the years and continues to be a huge help and support to us.

Feel free to attend as and when able. All ladies will be guaranteed of a warm welcome.

Events & Activities

The photos below give just a taster of some of the events & activities organised for and by ladies of the church.

Tredegar House

Beach Themed Party

Royal Mint

Speaker: Derek Brockway, BBC

Wedding Theme Evening

Christmas Party

Cutting-out Party

Welsh Theme Evening

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